Tables containing cooling tracks and absolute magnitudes on various photometric systems for pure H and He atmosphere white dwarfs. Calculations have been done with the stellar evolutionary code LPCODE developed at University of La Plata, Argentina. Details about LPCODE can be found at: Althaus et al. 2005, A&A 435, 631; 2010, ApJ 719, 612; 2012, A&A 537, A33; Rohrmann et al. 2012, A&A 546, A119; Salaris et al. 2013, A&A, 555, A96; Miller Bertolami et al. 2016, A&A 588, A25. LPCODE considers outer boundary conditions provided by non-grey model atmospheres and a full treatment of energy sources, in particular the energy contribution ensuing from phase separation of core chemical species upon crystallisation, 22Ne sedimentation and residual nuclear burning. Abundance changes resulting from mixing induced by mean molecular weight inversion, convective mixing, nuclear burning, element diffusion, and phase separation of core chemical constituents upon crystallisation are considered during the WD regime. White dwarf evolutionary sequences are computed selfconsistently from progenitor stars evolved from the ZAMS through the core hydrogen- and helium-burning evolutionary phases (and off-center carbon ignition in the case of ultra-massive white dwarf progenitors) to the thermally pulsing AGB and, ultimately, to the white dwarf stage. The tables are based on white dwarf evolution calculations given in Althaus et al. 2013, A&A 557, A19 for the case of He-core white dwarfs (initial models for the evolving white dwarfs have been obtained by computing the non-conservative evolution of a binary system consisting of an initially 1 Msun ZAMS star and a 1.4 Msun neutron star for various initial orbital periods), Camisassa et al. 2016, ApJ 823,158 for the C-O core white dwarfs, Camisassa et al. 2019, A&A 625, A87 for the ultra-massive ONe core white dwarfs, and Camisassa et al. 2017, ApJ 839, 11 for the pure helium atmosphere CO white dwarfs. Absolute magnitudes on various photometric systems are based on model atmosphere calculations of Rohrmann et al. 2012, A&A, 546, 119; Rohrmann 2018, MNRAS, 473, 457.

Tables have been generated by interpolating the white dwarf full evolutionary calculations detailed above. Progenitor metallicity is Z=0.02. Tables are for pure-hydrogen (TableDA) and pure-helium (TableDB) atmospheres white dwarfs: